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How Arizona Residents Get Guaranteed Cash When Buying A Home

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How Is It Possible To Get Thousands Of Dollars When Buying A Home?


Most people don't know that they can get a Cash Rebate when buying or selling a home - it's legal right here in Arizona!

"The [United States] Antitrust Division has found that refunds and incentives can dramatically lower the price that consumers pay for brokerage services." (Department of Justice)

It's our mission to help working men and women just like you get more money in your pocket when you buy a home.

Our team of experts here at RealtyRewards™ has the goal to make the home buying experience easier and more affordable. After closing on your home, you can get up to 1% CASH BACK GUARANTEED through RealtyRewards™ at no extra cost to you!

1% may not sound like much...but let's take a look at real numbers:


$250,000 home ≈ $2,500 Rebate (can pay for groceries for months!)

$750,000 home ≈ $7,500 Rebate* (can pay for beautiful furniture/electronics for your new home!)

$1,200,000 home ≈ $12,000 Rebate* (can pay for that dream vacation you've always wanted to go on!)

$2,000,000+ home ≈ $20,000+ Rebate* (can pay towards the purchase of a new car!) *Based on 3% commission to Realtor 

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So Then, Where Does The Money Come From?

RealtyRewards™ selects top, trustworthy Realtors from nationally recognized brokerage companies who have agreed to give a portion of their commission directly to you!


Why are they taking less money?

Because these quality Realtors want homebuyers who:

  1. Are ready to begin the home buying process
  2. Signed up with RealtyRewards™
  3. Received a free pre-qualification through our lending partner, Academy Mortgage.

Home Rebate Calculator [Click Here] - use this free Rebate Calculator created by the Department of Justice and see what cash you can get when you buy or sell a home!

What's The Catch?

"It sounds too good to be there must be a catch."

Well, you're right...there is a catch, but its a simple one made just for you!

If you want your home rebate, you must use our revolutionary home buying process designed to make it easier to buy a home and to make sure you get guaranteed cash back after closing.

No is no cost and no obligation to use RealtyRewards™ when buying a home.

Ready To Get Started?

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    Get a free Pre-Qualification from one of our trusted Lending Partners, who will reach out to you shortly after you sign up.

  • Step 3: Realtor Pairing

    Next, you will be paired with a trustworthy Real Estate Agent with local expertise to begin the buying/selling process.

  • Step 4: Enjoy Your Cash!

    After closing on your home, we give you a CASH REBATE of up to 1% of the purchase or sale price.

If and when you're ready to get thousands of dollars when buying your next home, click the button below to sign up for free and let our team of experts help you find out what you qualify for!

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"I recently sold the home where I raised my sons as a single mother, you can imagine how important it was for me to make the most of that hard-earned investment. I learned that RealtyRewards™ offers cash back at the close of either the sale or purchase of your home, and I immediately knew that partnering with their team of realtors was going to be an important and wise part of the plan to sell my home and further reach my investment goals. The entire process was seamless, easy, and the cash back bonus became part of my next investment. The RealtyRewards™ program is brilliant and I will definitely use it the next time I buy or sell real estate."

- Jackie F., Phoenix, Az ($3,675 Cash Rebate)

What You Can Expect From Us When Buying Or Selling A Home

  • Trusted Resourse

    Your one-stop-shop and trusted resource for answers about the process.

  • Free Pre-Qualification

    Get A Free Pre-Qualification With The #1 Purchase Mortgage Lender In Arizona.

  • Real Estate Agent Pairing

    Get Paired With A Trustworthy Real Estate Agent With Local Expertise.

  • Get A Cash Rebate!

    Get a CASH REBATE of up to 1% of the purchase or sale price.

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